Design Principles Applied to Ceramics: Tile Making

2019.2.25 - 2019.3.15
Pattern making and decorative tiling have been key elements of architecture in both Eastern and Western cultures across the centuries. This intensive three-week course will guide you step-by-…read more

Cosmic Body: Principles of the Buddhist Figure

2019.3.18 - 2019.3.29
This course gives a brief introduction to the principles of Buddhist portraiture in Thangka paintings of the Jonang lineage. Taking the proportional system used in images of Buddhist deities as…read more

Design Principles Applied to Wood Products: Marquetry with Veneers

2019.4.1 - 2019.4.12
Students will learn how to design small wooden objects according to proportional systems to achieve coherent and harmonious products. They will learn how to apply pattern and decorative motifs…read more

Construction of Paradise: Principles of Chinese Classical Garden

2019.4.15 - 2019.5.3
This course takes students through the compositional elements and design principles ofthe traditional Chinese garden, and encourages them to think about the significance of landscape painting to…read more

Design Principles Applied to Textiles

2019.5.6 - 2019.5.24
This course introduces students to the craft of weaving through an understanding of design inherent to textile making processes. Guided by expert tutors from the Suzhou Silk Museum, students will…read more

The Order of Nature: Geometry and Patterns

Past Courses and Events
This module will encourage students to contemplate Geometry’s true inherent meaning in the realm of the order of nature. Students will experience geometry as a contemplative discipline. The skill…read more

Alchemy of Colour: Methods and Materials

Past Courses and Events
This course consists of three independent but interrelated units. Unit One: The Making of Western Traditional Pigments The earth is the natural apothecary of the arts, hidden within its depths…read more

The Order of Nature: Geometrical Design Principles

Past Courses and Events
Deepen knowledge of geometry by studying patterns and proportions of six-, eight-, twelve- and ten-fold symmetries and their associated proportional systems. Students will also be shown patterns…read more

The Constitution of Shanshui: Landscape and Geomancy

Past Courses and Events
Part one: in three dedicated lectures, Prof. Ding Xiyuan will analyse the formation of Chinese landscape painting (shanshui), explain the ‘five elements’ theory embedded in shanshui art, and…read more

Give Form to Myriad Things: Calligraphy

Past Courses and Events
There will be two main areas of instruction, as follows 1. The history and practice of calligraphy; 2. The role of the written character and of traditional ideographic studies in the development…read more

The Language of Nature: Design Motifs

Past Courses and Events
This course consists two sessions,each could be registered separately. 1、01.14-01.18  Painting and Illumination Techniques from the Islamic World  2、01.21-01.25 Islamic Patterns Inspired by…read more